Promotional Materials

Everything you need to promote National Get Outdoors Day in your community.

Event Planning Tools

Joe Reilly Info -- The Official GO Day Troubadour! (2 MB)
Please email for additional promotional materials for Joe Reilly.
Event Checklist pdf (33 KB)
Suggested timetable for planning of a GO Day event.
Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights (329 KB)
Over 20 States have adopted “children’s outdoor bills of rights.” Many of the rights are listed here.

Partnership Tools

Letter of Introduction (26 KB)
This one page letter can be used as a cover letter when approaching a potential sponsor or partner.

Communications Tools

Electronic Games and the Outdoors Resources (17 KB)
Information on electronic games being developed to engage youth and adults in outdoor activities.

Sample GO Day Materials

Junior Ranger Camp Toolbox (7 MB)
Create your own Junior Ranger Camp Station with this handy how-to from the Forest Service!
Watercolor Journal (4 MB)
Encourage kids to draw and write about their experiences in the outdoors with this illustrated journal from the Forest Service.
USACE Frisbee design (395 KB)
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has designed a frisbee to give out at GO Day. The frisbee features Let's Move Outside! and Bobber the Water Safety Dog.
Let's Move Outside Products (1 MB)
These Let's Move Outside materials are available for you to purchase to give away at your GO Day event! Please note: These products are only available for use as giveaways. Let's Move Outside products may not be sold at GO Day events.
Photo Release Sign (261 KB)
A .PDF of the sign the Denver GO Day site posts at the entrance of their event, advising attendees that by participating they are consenting to being photographed.
Forest Service Photo Release Form for Minors (42 KB)
For all photos in which a minor is identifiable, the Forest Service requires they complete a photo release form
GO Day Final Report, 2012 (551 KB)
The final report for National Get Outdoors Day 2012.



GO Day Logos (364 KB)
Logos in a variety of formats for use on your own GO Day promotional materials.
GO Day Logo (11 KB)